Halfway to Thirty

Back in college, a friend and I were attending a mutual friend’s birthday party in a bar downtown…He was “OLD” and had just turned 25…My friend, after a few too many martinis, pulled herself up on stage to take the mic and give our buddy a birthday wish, in which she announced that “Wow”, he was so “old” and was “halfway to 30!!!”… Not too surprisingly, it took everyone a minute to sit back and realize that while 25, is yes, OLD – it is halfway to 50 – not 30…

My oh my, those good ol’ carefree college days….

I turned 25 today, and don’t feel any older…Just behind in what I feel like I was “supposed” to have done…

Oh well, I got a new 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee and an appt for BriteSmile next week…Maybe now that I’m halfway to 30, things will begin to happen for me!

What girl WOULDN'T love a preppy pink and green plaid birthday cake!!!???!!!

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